New updates and improvements to Forensic Email Collector

FEC Release

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🔥Direct Drive Acquisitions — FEC can now target Google Drive directly (as opposed to targeting Drive Attachments of emails only) and acquire Drive items and revisions. Shared Drives are also supported. The Drive data set can be narrowed down using In-place Search.

🔥Embedded modern authentication view for Yahoo / AOL, M365, and Microsoft personal accounts.

🔥Added support for Local Google Takeout acquisitions.

🔥Local Vault Export Workflow now provides an Explore Mailboxes option to configure batch acquisitions.

✔️Added Differential Acquisition support for Direct Drive acquisitions.

✔️Added support for Errors.csv in Local Vault Export acquisitions.

✔️Improved handling of duplicate labels in Local Vault Export acquisitions.

✔️It is now possible to search and filter folders in FEC's folder tree view.

✔️Hidden folders are now displayed with a different icon. It is possible to deselect all hidden folders through the right-click context menu in folder tree view.

✔️Added an option to check Inline Search syntax without using the sandbox.

✔️Added options for light and dark mode user interface.

✔️Improvements to Gmail API throttling mitigation in response to recent API changes.

✔️Improvements to the help bubbles in FEC's user interface.

✔️Some of the user interface elements have been moved to a side panel.

✔️Switched from stack-based navigation to linear navigation during acquisition setup.

✔️Importing a Remote Authenticator token now populates the target email address if unpopulated.

✔️Numerous other performance and user experience improvements.