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🔥Introduced deferred PST creation. In addition to being able to create output PSTs progressively as usual, you can now create PSTs on demand post-acquisition—as long as item-level output options were selected.

🔥FEC projects now use relative paths. This makes it possible to perform post-acquisition actions on FEC projects from a different location or import them into FEI after a project was moved or archived.


Relative Paths in Project File

Make the output paths in an FEC project relative so that the project can continue to work even if it’s moved to a different location. Example: You start an acquisition with the output path “X:\Client Files\12314.123\Emails\1234” and then move the project to “Z:\New Project Path”. The project, in its new location on the Z: drive, remains fully operational/resumable.

Arman Gungor


🔥Added support for additional Drive item types, such as Google Forms and Google Jamboard files.

🔥Introduced new advanced Drive acquisition options: Exclude Duplicates, Skip Last Revision, and Suppress Acquisition of Drive Attachment.

🔥History record exports now include decoded MessageId timestamps. This makes it easier to determine the timestamps of deleted messages.

✔️When the Fetch Only the Latest Revision before Parent was Sent option is selected, FEC now presents two options regarding what to do when no such revision is found—acquire all revisions, or acquire no revisions.

✔️Extended Inline Search to support calendar items and contacts. Added startdate and enddate as new search fields to target calendar event timestamps. This allows more granular calendar event searches than what most providers allow via In-place Search.

✔️Extended the Yahoo 100k item bypass feature to cover AT&T and SBC Global.

✔️Improvements to Acquisition Insights.

✔️PST output stability enhancements.

✔️Added new logs for excluded Drive attachments (when the Exclude Duplicates Drive option is selected) and Post-Acquisition PST export (when output PSTs are created as a post-acquisition action or in deferred mode).

✔️Numerous other performance and user experience improvements.